Chechen-Ingush Land Dispute: A Policy Primer

Major protests were triggered in Ingushetia’s capital city by a recent land swap between Chechnya and Ingushetia. On September 26, 2018, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and Ingush leader Yunus-Bek Yevkurov signed an agreement to transfer about 103 square miles of Ingushetia’s territory to Chechnya in exchange for about four square miles of Chechen territory. Although […]

Eurasian Affairs- November 2018

Eurasian Affairs looks at the wide expanse of Eurasia, but particularly focuses on those issues affecting relations between Eurasian states and the US and/or with Russia. Also of specific interest within that focus are issues that might affect global economic, human rights, or military concerns. This free resource from GeoHistory serves to track and analyze […]

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