About GeoHistory

GeoHistory is devoted to those seeking a deeper understanding of Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Central Asia, and other Eurasian locations. We take the term “geohistory” to refer to the analysis of a country’s history and current state in terms of the verifiable facts on the ground: relying largely on geography and statistics to produce practical and pragmatic analysis. A country’s geography determines many things about a country – from its climate and available crops to invasion and trade routes. Statistics give us the clearest picture of what a country’s current demographic, economic, and military status is. Thus, understanding geography and statistics can give us a much deeper understanding of not only a country’s history, but also its modern political, geopolitical, and economic imperatives.

Information provided on GeoHistory will range from histories to analysis of current affairs and will be provided with the goal of helping students to better understand contemporary events, politics, and cultures.

This site is authored primarily by staff and students from SRAS. To truly understand the situation on the ground, going there is also essential. Join us for challenge and adventure abroad if you are interested in understanding this fascinating expanse of geography.