SRAS Students Publish New Volume On Modern Security

SRAS students studying in Warsaw, Poland on the Security and Society in the Information Age program have recently published a new scholarly volume. As part of their program course work, the students worked with experts in a variety of fields at the Terrorism Research Center, a research unit within Collegium Civitas. Collegium Civitas hosts the program. The Center is one of the leading think tanks in Poland and works with a wide range of security-related issues.

This collaborative work has now been published by the Terrorism Research Center in a professional volume. Focusing on changing paradigms in security, the students and their expert mentors provide insight into modern issues such as cybersecurity and information security, how propaganda and fake news affect democracies, how to prevent mass shootings and active shooter situations, how to fight radicalization and recruitment to terrorist organizations, as well as the role of the mass media in shaping public opinion on terrorism.

The  authors  paint  a complex  picture  of  security  issues  facing  modern  societies. However,  the book is  not  only  an  analysis  of  the  serious  security  problems  in  today’s  interconnected world. The contributors look for solutions and the papers are accompanied by recommendations for administration, policy makers and for each of us – living in modern societies confronted with various security threats.Dr. Paulina Piasecka, TRC Deputy Director said that this “was the first edition of the internship program at TRC. Our goal was to develop a research internship program that would enhance the competencies of our interns, at the same time leaving them a fair portion of autonomy, and which ends with a very concrete outcome. And, we already look forward to the next edition of the internship program at TRC.”

The students involved come from diverse backgrounds and a range of US universities including University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Penn State, Michigan State University, University of South Carolina, University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Denver, and University of Texas.

The book can be downloaded in PDF format and it distributed under Creative Commons license: Security and Society in the Information Age.

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