Vestnik – Issue 2, Summer 2005

Vestnik was launched by SRAS in 2004 as one of the world’s first online academic journals focused on showcasing student research. We welcome and invite papers written by undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates. Research on any subject related to the broad geographic area outlined above is accepted. If you have written solid research eligible for publication according to the guidelines listed here, please submit it.

This, our second issue, showcases papers on many social aspects of Russian life.  In “A Remedy for Legal Failure: Trial by Jury in Russia” the history and current state of Russia’s juridical system is considered.  “Privately Enforced Capitalism” takes a look at Russia’s oligarchy, their historical development and where they might be headed.  In “Variations on Community” we are introduced to life in Russian kommunalki, or communal apartments.  We have also left room for political analysis with “US-Russia Relations After September 11th, 2001: A Game Theory Analysis.

In addition, you will also find a book review on Lazar Fleishman’s Boris Pasternak: The Poet and His Politics under the title “Boris Pasternak as an Embodiment of Art’s Nonconformist Nature.

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2005-06-20 – US-Russia Relations After September 11th

2005-06-17 – Boris Pasternak as an Embodiment of Art’s Nonconformist Nature

2005-06-17 – The “Kommunalka” and Gated Communities

2005-06-17 – Privately Enforced Capitalism

2005-06-17 – A Remedy for Legal Failure

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