TV News in Russia – November, 2016

How the News is Reported in Russia
November, 2016

Internship in RussiaAccording to a 2016 poll by the independent Levada Center, 80% of Russians view television as their primary source of news. The same Levada poll, however, shows that only 41% trust the news as an objective source of information. The broadcasts sampled here are from Russia’s most-watched channels: First Channel and Russia Channel.

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Russian Orthodox Believer Might Become Chief of Staff to President Trump

Russia Channel reports that Reince Priebus, a candidate for the post of the chief of staff of President Donald Trump, has an unusual background – he is a Russian Orthodox Believer, a parishioner of the Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Washington DC. His mother is Greek, and his grandmother has Russian roots.

American Sociology Trapped Itself: Assurances in Clinton’s Victory Ended in Fiasco

First Channel was sarcastic when describing the supporters of Hillary Clinton – “intellectuals, sociologists and reporters, those who are actively constructing new politically correct world. They think that they are the cleverest, the most progressive, and that only they have the right to teach others.” “The world turned out to be more complex,” First Channel states, criticizing the US media for “becoming the means of advertising and propaganda” instead of “a tool for collecting, analyzing and distributing information.” In summary, First Channel states that “the system of governed democracy which was created in the West over the last many years, not only started malfunctioning, but started self-destruction.

What to Expect from Trump

First Channel states that the recent actions of Donald Trump demonstrate that there are some forces guiding him. For example, for some reason Trump, who paid little attention to the issues of oil and gas during his election campaign, suddenly announced that his first step as the US President would be to lift the restrictions imposed by President Obama on oil and gas production in the sea shelf area, which would result in shock for the stock exchanges. There are some other unexpected decisions such as the intention to appoint Mitt Romney (who used to harshly criticize Trump) as Secretary of State. The channel concluded that Trump’s supporters are pointing out to the “banksters” who supported Clinton that the policy conducted for the last 30 years, needs to be changed.

In another report, First Channel states that Donald Trump “seems not to agree with the strategy” established at the end of the 1990s when the USA started wars as the means of response to its weakening financial standing in the world. The channel assumes that if Trump abandons the idea of the US hegemony, it will be easier to negotiate with him and reduce tensions in international affairs. The channel states that Donald Trump gave many promises during his campaign, such as constructing the wall at the border with Mexico, and it is difficult to predict which promises will be implemented, but no rapid changes should be expected in any case.

US Presidential Candidates Posed Relations with Russia as Key Topic. Who will Residents of Brighton Beach and the Town of Russia, NY, Vote for?

First Channel quotes the restaurant manager from Brighton Beach neighborhood as saying that the elder residents voted for Donald Trump while the younger ones support liberals. In the town of Russia, New York, 80 percent of the people were going to vote for Trump as they are concerned about the need to improve the economy and social services in the USA, the channel reports.

Democracy and Human Rights: Trump is not Stating Airy Promises

Russia Channel states that “people in Russia congratulate each other on Donald Trump’s being elected the US President” which demonstrates that there is no anti-Americanism in Russia at all, and that Russians are forgiving people, being ready to make a fresh start in the relations with the USA. While the interests of the USA will be the priority for Donald Trump, the relations with the new US administration will be accompanied with “less lies and other stupid things disguised as nice words,” the channel states, praising Donald Trump for not using such terms as “democracy” and “human rights,” which were distorted by Clinton and others, but using concrete topics such as creating jobs and opportunities for every American to express him/herself, about the lives of US soldiers, respecting veterans, reducing taxes, developing infrastructure in the USA.

Trump vs Clinton. The Battle Continues

Russia Channel reports about “the attempts to take the victory from Donald Trump by someone else’s hands.” This refers to the recent request of Jill Stein, the Green Party’s nominee for President, to re-count the votes in three states – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The channel quotes experts, such as former Republican Party official Michael Shields as saying that it is a shame that the Clinton’s team is supporting such initiatives, trying to split the nation after the elections.

European Parliament Adopts Resolution on “Counteracting Russian Propaganda”

First Channel reports that the European Parliament adopted a resolution on counteracting Russian propaganda and that of such non-state entities such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, thus considering the state of Russia and terrorist organizations as being similar. The station pointed out that Barack Obama did this in 2015 when he said that “the USA has three enemies: ISIS, Russia, and Ebola.”

“Abandoned Mistress:” Europe is in Hysterics because of Putin-Trump Communication

Russia Channel states that the first phone conversation between Putin and Trump “caused political convulsions in Europe” which “felt like an abandoned mistress,” and Barack Obama immediately came to console her, but “he is not capable anymore” he “is not even capable to promise”.

European Elite Works Against Their Own National Interests for the Benefit of USA

First Channel states that Europe is heavily dependent on the USA, and this dependency was skillfully constructed by the USA after World War II through the means of economic support such as the Marshall Plan, and controlling the media. Also, there is a “special system” for nurturing the future European leaders to be pro-American. As a result, the European countries have such pro-US leaders as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the channel states.

Bulgaria and Moldova to Elect Presidents who Promise to Prioritize National Interests Over Globalization

First Channel reports that leftist politicians won the presidential elections in Bulgaria and Moldova. Both countries had decent living standards before, but nowadays Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, with 20 percent of its people living abroad to find work. Bulgarians are now only “half as wealthy” as in the past. First Channel expresses the hope that the newly elected leftist presidents will make the policy of these countries towards Russia “more rational.”

Poroshenko Decided to Have “Weird Missile Launches” on Crimea’s Shore

Russia Channel reports that tension are heightened due to the Ukraine’s decisions to test missiles in the vicinity of Crimea, above the territorial waters of Russia. This is aggravated by the tragedy of 2001 when a Russian civil aircraft was downed over Ukraine and 78 people were killed, and by the downing of the Malaysian aircraft in 2015. The channel compared Poroshenko’s love of missiles to the behavior of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

Weapons of 21st Century: How to Win Cyber-War

Russia Channel reports that NATO has opened facilities for cyber-war such as Cyber Defense Center in Estonia. In order to counteract the NATO’s cyber capabilities, Rostekh corporation launched the Center of Cyber-Defense covering all the territory of Russia. Over the next four years, the system will be implemented in all the strategic enterprises and facilities of Russia

US Launches Cyber Attacks Against Russia

Russia Channel reports that the Russian Foreign Ministry made a statement that it requires explanations from the US authorities after the recent claims of NBC that “the US military hackers has penetrated in the Russian telecommunication structures and power networks”. If no official response is received, it will mean that state terrorism exists in the USA, spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova stated.

Leader of Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Dead at Age 90

First Channel states that Fidel Castro “belonged to the 20th century – stormy, violent, tragic…a century of world wars, revolution, and liberation from colonialism.” While socialism in Cuba was not successful, one cannot bring oneself to cast a stone at Fidel Castro, he had a bright life, the channel states, pointing out that while Cuba has economic problems, it has free education and health care for everybody.

Fidel Castro Died – Symbol of Era of Freedom and Rebellion

Russia Channel calls Fidel Castro “politician and thinker of the global scale,” saying that his strength, charisma, personal courage and strong belief in the opportunity to create a new society in Cuba, based on principles of justice, makes his life “the highest heroic deed.”

Theater Scandal: Does Russia Have Censorship?

Russia Channel reports that the call of Directro of Satirikon Theater Konstantin Raikin not to allow censorship in the theaters, caused heated debates among specialists on theater and many other theater-lovers whether theaters in Russia have censorship. The majority of experts believe there is no censorship, but what is obvious is the fact that theaters are becoming more and more popular among Russians, the channel states.

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