TV News in Russia – June, 2016

How the News is Reported in Russia
June, 2016

SSI-bannerAccording to a 2016 poll by the independent Levada Center, 80% of Russians view television as their primary source of news. The same Levada poll, however, shows that only 41% trust the news as an objective source of information. The broadcasts sampled here are from Russia’s most-watched channels: First Channel and Russia Channel.

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Clinton States Putin Will Eat Trump for Lunch

Russia Channel mistranslated Hillary Clinton’s quote. Referring to Donald Trump, she said that “I just wonder how anyone could be so wrong about who America’s real friends are. Because it matters. If you don’t know exactly who you’re dealing with, men like Putin will eat your lunch.” In its report, Russia Channel translated “Putin will eat your lunch” into Russian as “Putin will eat you for lunch,” which made the statement sound harsher. According to the channel, Donald Trump called Clinton’s statement “pathetic” and retorted, “Remember, Hillary Clinton used to hate Obama,” and currently she says, “Yes, sir, Mr. President, sir. What would you like? What would you like me to say, sir?” because she doesn’t want to be imprisoned for her email scandal, the channel reported.

The channel states that both Clinton and Trump have had a history of scandals, such as accusations of fraud for Trump – students of Trump University were allegedly charged $35,000, and then provided with advertising information rather than the promised education of learning “tricks of real estate deals.” Both politicians are going through scandals, but Donald Trump manages to take advantage of them the channel stated, and is successful due to the “naturalness” of his conduct during the presidential race, while Hillary Clinton has issues with her image. This comes in large part as, although she is a member of the Democratic Party, she pursues the aggressive foreign policy in line with the neo-cons from the Republican Party. However, according to the polls, as of today, 46% of the US voters would vote for Hillary Clinton, and only 35% would vote for Donald Trump, Russia Channel states.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Entered the Final Straightaway of US Presidential Race

First Channel reports that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have become the final candidates for the US presidential elections. The channel states that “the emergence of Trump became possible only because Republicans are no longer the alternative to the Democrats” as “a regular voter saw for himself long ago that both the parties represent the same interests and conduct the same policy which constantly results in exorbitant expenditures and lowering the population’s living standards.”

First Channel summarizes that “as a result, Americans will soon face the choices between bad and worse,” having to choose between “the eccentric fringe billionaire with no political experience” and “an aggressive fury proficient in politics.”

New Challenges Emerge on the Final Straightaway for the US Presidential Candidates

First Channel reports that the Orlando shooting became a big advantage to Donald Trump who pursues an anti-Islamic policy. However, the channel hints that Trump is in fact connected with the Clintons, and that he could have started running for the presidency so that Hillary Clinton would look better against a Trump candidacy. First Channel quotes some analysts such as ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern as saying that “while it is clear why Clinton needs such an opponent, it is hard to understand why Trump needs this campaign.”

Massacre in Orlando Become the Bloodiest Mass Murder since September 11, 2001

First Channel states that the shooting in Orlando, with 49 killed and 53 wounded, has become the biggest mass murder since 9/11. President Putin sent his condolences to President Obama and all Americans, stating that “people in Russia share the pain and sorrow of the people who had lost their loved ones because of this barbaric crime.”

First Channel states that the shooter, Omar Mateen had carefully prepared for the attack, and the likely reason for his shootings was homophobia. Meanwhile, there are signs that some Islamic radicals could be involved as well, the channel reported.

Russian Marine Andrei Timoshnkov Was Killed In Syria

First Channel reports that Russian Marine Andrei Timoshenkov was killed in Syria after suffering fatal wounds when he opened fire at a car filled with explosives heading to the aid convoy he was escorting. Andrei Timoshenkov has been posthumously awarded a medal for his bravery. The channel states that the attack on the aid convoy demonstrates that the situation in Syria has aggravated recently after Assad’s troops recent advance towards the city of Rakka, so-called “capital” of the Islamic State.

After Referendum in Great Britain, Western Politicians Accused Kremlin of Efforts to Destroy the European Union

First Channel reports that both UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and former US Ambassador in Russia Michael McFaul had the same response to the outcome of the UK referendum by stating: “It is Putin’s victory.”

First Channel expressed sarcasm by saying that “it is, of course, flattering that Moscow is able to cause millions of Africans to start migrating, flooding Europe, and to make football fans fight, and to destroy the EU.” The channel states that Russia does not want the EU to collapse, the EU members would do better to listen to each other and solve their problems, but “they preferred to bring the situation to a severe crisis” and “to blame Putin, of course, who else could be blamed?”

Russia Channel: Brexit is “The British Deciding to Reclaim Their Country.”

Commenting on the outcome of the referendum, the channel states that “British are the brave people: they are the first to leave, but there is a line behind them.” The channel calls Brexit “a turning point in the EU history”, stating that “the climax of a good-looking Utopia is left behind already.”

Russia Channel quotes President Putin as naming the reasons of why most British voted for Brexit: “nobody wants to feed and subsidize weaker economies and pay support other states and entire nations,” “people are displeased about security, which is being eroded by powerful migration waves” and the fact that “the concentration of power at the (EU) top there is very high.”

In its comment, Russia Channel denounced the EU for “full support of the coup and the outbreak of the fratricidal war” in Ukraine, stating that the EU has grown into “a political monster with totalitarian manners.”

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