Russian Foreign Affairs – August, 2016

Kerch Strait Bridge - Currently under construction.

Russian Foreign Affairs in the News
August 2016

SSI-banner Russian foreign policy and foreign policies concerning Russia have been of particular interest to those following world affairs lately. With Russia’s more assertive stance on the world stage, Russia’s absorption of Crimea, and resulting sanctions, arms buildups, and global geopolitical restructuring and repositioning, keeping a close eye on this part of the world is especially important to understanding global security and international politics.

This free resource serves to track and analyze these issues as they develop in Eurasia.

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on “Putin’s Bridge” to Crimea
Companies building a multi-billion dollar bridge to link the Russian mainland with annexed Crimea were targeted by the United States in an updated sanctions blacklist on Thursday.

Number of Russians Viewing U.S. as Threat Hits 10-Year Low – Poll
Sixty-nine percent of 1,600 respondents labelled the United States as a threat, down from 77 in February 2015.

Russia’s Superior New Weapons
A retired U.S. general on how Russian and U.S. weapons would stack up on a battlefield.

Russia Dominates Global Wheat Market
Russia has supplanted the U.S. as the top exporter of the grain.

How the World Looks From the Russian Perspective
The old rules are gone. There are no new rules.

Russia, U.S. Expel Diplomats
U.S. boots two Russians after attack on an American diplomat in Moscow, and Russia responds in kind.

Trump Campaign Guts GOP’s Anti-Russia Stance on Ukraine
Throughout the campaign, Trump has been dismissive of calls for supporting the Ukraine government.

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